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Keystone for a long term partnership

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Before we start to work for a new client, we see the consulting as the first priority. No matter if just for the simple transport or for complex logistical solutions.

Consulting is very important, especially in the chemical industry. That is why you are in good hands if you work with our experienced team.

Topics like outsourcing or project-management are nothing new to us. Our successes in the past years, especially at our bigger projects underline the satisfaction of our clients. Reasons for the satisfaction of our clients is the improved service level and the reduction of costs.

For bigger projects, in particular in outsourcing, we pay attention especially to:

  • Your core competence
  • Delivery readiness / – flexibility
  • Optimization of the APIs
  • Duration of the capital commitment
  • Cost structure (fixed and variable)
  • Binding of human resources and their costs
  • Liquidity