Bay Photovoltaic System

The solar system on the roof of the new Bay Clean cleaning facility in Waiblingen shines bluish-silver. The “CO2 piggy bank” has been in operation since April 28, 2020. The solar system reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide from cleaning by around 106,235 kilograms. The solar system was built especially for the self-consumption of the new Bay Clean cleaning system. Approximately 65% ​​of the energy itself is used.

Especially the win-win situation in both, the ecological and economic areas, was the motivation of the Schaaf brothers to invest in a photovoltaic system. The installed photovoltaic system consists of 596 modules and has an output of 190.72 kWp. The plant is expected to produce approximately 181,910 kWh. Around 65 percent of the electricity generated from sunlight in a way that conserves the climate and conserves resources is used by Bay Clean cleaning itself, the rest is fed into the public grid. Self-generated electricity is particularly economical.

Bay Logistik not only saves CO2 emissions, but also energy costs.

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