From May 15, 2019 we will start with our new, ultra-modern and efficient cleaning system.

Two separate cleaning lanes for chemical products and food ensure individual cleaning as required. In the future, we can now clean with up to 5 cleaning heads at the same time, one of them a new power cleaning head for containers or large-volume chambers. In this way we can also clean more difficult products in the future and use steam, among other things. The goal is clear! We will be able to work faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly with the new plant technology. Of course, we can then also quickly and quickly dry with filtered air. In addition to cleaning, your drivers can also use the social facility and shower in connection with the cleaning.

If there is space, you can also rest in the parking lot during the driving and resting times. If you need an outside wash, you can do this in the future on the two covered truck wash stations.

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