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Bay as employer



Employees at Bay experience a modern , erleben einen modernen and still culturaly aware employer. A solid apprenticeship, constant education, a high professional and social competence of the management provide a team-oriented and successful environment. Multiple perspectives make it possible to improve in a long-term-view in our company.
The communication with our clients, suppliers and partners, same as science cateres for continuous innovation in all business units.
A clear structured and subsisted corporate philosophy provides the security that you chose a predictable and right employer.

We are the employer

  • for whom security and health of its employees has priority
  • who takes care about qualifications and motivation and who supports this with specific development measures
  • where creativity of the employee is encouraged
  • who cares about „give and take“ and makes constructive teamwork possible
We provide the best possible service and quality for our clients.

Motivated and qualified employees guarantee our success.

We use only modern equipment. Health, security and the environmental care are very important for us.

Openness, trust, and personal esteem characterize our working together. We are a strong team.

Transparent, comprehensible informations and fast decisions provide reliability and safety.

Our measures of quality are highly satisfied clients and employees.

Mission statement

The corporate philosopyh of Bay Logistik is basis and perspective – the spirit of our actions, same as our dealings with each other.

We can question all the time the way in which we act, because of our corporate philosophy. We meet the requirements „Bay – THE BETTER CHOICE“.

  • We provide best service, modern technique, highest possbile quality and competence. It is our permanent target to be the best company in quality at all our business segments.
  • We know, that we can only be the best and go further if we work reliable, professional and competent.
  • We solve our tasks easily because of the above-average performance of our employees in the sectors of logistics, spedition and forwadring, no matter if on track, street or water. Always for the most possible satisfaction or our clients.
  • The continuous information flow inside and outside of our business provides the most possible use for our clients, with who we lovely like to work fair and tight together.
  • Our clients are the crux of the matter of our daily business. They are the mirror of our handling.
  • We know how to deal as service company with our clients to be competent, friendly and empathetic.
  • Success and the customer benefit take center stages.
  • Through open and tolerant social interaction with each other, there is a team culture, which we try to keep.
  • We want that every single workspace is filled with the right employee.
  • For further educational purposes every employee get his proper space, because we see the needs for it in our lifetime learning. We think it is a chance and a commitment.
  • The satisfaction at our workspaces is growing by strengthening the personal responsibility, appreciation of performance and the involvement in making decisions.
  • A positive and considerate behaviour to our fellow men, is strengthening our reputation in our region and beyond the borders.
  • We are professionals, who take care about health, environmental care and security to human and environment.
  • If we succeed to solve all requirements, a long-term success with the highest possbile profit including an optimal market positioning will be the result.
  • Our success if the result of right decisions.