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10th Bay Anniversary – Elisabeth Werner

WHAT WE ARE PARTICULARLY PROUD!                         Not numbers but people and deserving employees are the most important asset in companies. On 03.11.2018 the time had come and our accountant Elisabeth Werner celebrated her 10th anniversary. As a trainee, she started at Bay and has…
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New branch in 67105 Schifferstadt

Bay Logistik continues to grow and expand its locations. Since 01.09.2018 we started with our new branch in the Rhine-Neckar area.           The new branch is dedicated to providing a better and more flexible service for our customers and drivers. And it is a commitment to the further development of our…
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Safety is important to us

++ Safety is important to us ++ Bay Logistik has been investing in this additional safety component since the availability of the Sideguard Assistant. By the end of 2018, we will then have more than 50% of the vehicles equipped with the Sideguard assistant. This is another contribution to road safety from Bay. In addition…
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Bay Clean – Building a new cleaning station

                After we have taken many hurdles of approval and have also experienced a nearly 2-year delay, the time has finally come. Bay is finally building a state-of-the-art tank, silo and container cleaning plant with 2 washing stations for trucks. Together with Kärcher (cleaning technology) and Envirochemie (wastewater…
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IRU Honorary Certificate: recognizing years of safe driving

This year, Bay drivers receive their award for safe driving. A total of 7 Bay drivers receive this certificate. Nationwide 41 drivers received this award. We are especially proud of the excellent performance of these drivers and colleagues and congratulate for the IRU honorary certificate. As part of our Christmas party, colleagues receive their award…
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