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Man - the essence of our service & quality

Our special service depends crucially upon the quality and motivation of our staff. Particularly the promotion and the support of the staff qualifications by targeted coachings and the creation of a high team spirit features us as a good mid-sized company.

Also the optimal ergonomic working conditions are important factors for the motivation and performance of our daily work. Every employee has to be informed all the time about current processes and his work has to be always in the interests of our company and our clients.

Ergonomy – provide optimized work conditions


  • Modern, big driver's cabs with ergonomic and orthopedically optimized seats
  • Selected vehicle components like drive security systems, air condition, locks, modern communication and navigation
  • Konzipierte Aufliegertechnik für geringe körperliche Belastungen und max. Sicherheit
  • Advanced software- and hardware
  • Modern satellite communications, phone headsets, email, EDI, EDIFACT, Transwide
  • Bright and modern air conditioned workspaces with daylight
  • Flexible working hours