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Quality & Security

Factors, which pay out in full

Since 1993 our company is certified by DIN ISO 9001. Quality and security was always important for our company and business. Even today, deficiencies have to be analyzed, corrected and eliminated fast. Total quality is the devise, in forwarding, garage, cleaning or at the vehicle fleet.
With the membership at ECTA and EPCA, we are actively participating at topics like security, safety and responsible care.

In our information area you can download our current certificates DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, GMP and SQAS.
We don't just talk, we act.

The Bay Logistik quality guidelines

We want satisfied clients, that's why one of our main business priorities is to deliver high quality services. This extends also to system partners, who bring our performance to you.
Our quality benchmark is set by our clients. The verdict of our client about our services is crucial!

We are always targeting "zero mistakes", or better "100% success".

Our clients not only rate our service quality, but also of our suppliers.
Requests, offers and complaints are clear and fast processed. Promised dates have to be hold.

Every single employee is part of our quality guidelines and helps us to realize them. It is the job of our employees, no matter if CEO or student, to serve perfect a work. In the case that someone realizes that a process could fail in quality and if this person is out of permissions to handle that issue, he or she has immediatly to inform his superior. Every job should be done from scratch with perfection. That not only optimizes our quality, but but also reduces our costs.

Quality increaes the profitability.
Not a mistake by itself has to be removed, but the reason why it happened. Avoiding mistakes has prior to debugging. The quality of our services depends also on the quality of our subcontractors. Request the same highest possibly quality from our subcontractors and support them by regulating our common objectives.

Despite the greatest care, we cannot completely rule out all mistakes. Many proven technologies were introduced, to discover mistakes in early stage. This technologies have to be followed absolutely strict.
The reach of our quality goals is an important lead-task. At the performance rating of our employees, the quality of the done work has a high weight - our quality guidelines are obligatory. Additional requirements of our clients have to be highly respected.

SQAS - Module of security and quality

In this review we proved our services, especially the requirements of the CEFIC for the topics security, quality, healthcare and environmental care.
You can see how we proved this requirements by following this link: http://www.sqas.org

You can download our quality certificates in our info area.

1993 DIN ISO 9001 certification

1996 DIN ISO 14001 certification & DIN ISO 9001 re-certification / first SQAS rating

1997 Economy training for drivers

1998 Begin of our vehicle fleet upgrade for EURO 3

1999 Our full vehicle fleet is now upgraded to EURO 3 / 1st re-certification of DIN ISO 14001, DIN ISO 9001:2000, SQAS

2000 Shifted 25% of our carriage onto track haulage

2001 Economy training for drivers

2002 2nd re-certification of DIN ISO 14001

2003 Economy training for drivers

2004 GMP certification

2005 Partial vehicle fleet upgrade for Euro 5

2006 SQAS Road and SQAS Cleaning rating

2007 Introduction of a continuous economy driver training

2009 SQAS Road and SQAS Cleaning rating / DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 re-certification / drawing of the "responsible care" programmn by EPCA

2010 GMP B 4.1 re-certification & HACCP certificate

2012 SQAS Road and SQAS Cleaning rating & DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 re-certification