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Philosophy, facts & figures

Since the founding in 1945 by Mr Julius Bay and the takeover in 1975 by the Schaaf family, Bay has transformed from a typicel transportation company into a logistics company. And this development is still ongoing. Our clients not only expect carriage services, but also consulting and approaches for new concepts in logistics. To find an optimized approach for our clients, we take a look into all possible carriage possibilities such as tracks, inland-waters, short-sea or the street at the european zone.


As independent family-manages company, we follow the philosophy to be the experienced, financial healthy and the reponsible service-partner for our clients working in the chemical industry. We carry typical virtues, like mid-sized companys do.

  • We are hugely quality-oriented
  • We provide the highest flexibility
  • We take care for good prices
Paired and extended by a good network with selected and certified partners, we increased our performance.

  • We can solve fluctuations better and with a high flexibility
  • We offer an extensive carriage, Europe-wide
  • We take care for good prices
It is our daily duty to:

  • be better in quality
  • be reliable in carriage
  • be open and friendly in contact


The figures speak for itself

250 employees and system-partners
1000 carriage units (vehicles and containers)
Branches & service-centers in Europe
40.000 orders per year
750.000 tons of freight volume per year
25.000.000 km mileage per year
All trucks equiped with safety assistence

The history of our company

1945 to nowadays

Bay Logistik 1945
Company foundation by Julius Bay, as sole proprietorship at the tarp and roof bow carriage business
Bay Logistik 1950
Use of the first silo trucks for the cement industry and co-development of the vehicles
Bay Logistik 1955
Use of the first tanker trucks for the oil industry and co-development of the vehicles
Bay Logistik 1960
Begin of the carriage status and the first usage of system partners
Bay Logistik 1970
Integration of international carriage and entry of the current CEO Lothar Schaaf
Bay Logistik 1975
Overtake of the business shares by Lothar Schaaf and re-structuring of the business-politics
Bay Logistik 1985
Charter member of the SIKO coopertaion. Added packing, combined carriage and "rolling roads". Reconstruction of the operational plant in the business park Eisental
Bay Logistik 1990
Overtake of the tanker company "Firma Beilharz GmbH, Sulz/N."
Bay Logistik 1995
Added container carriage and first use of satellite based disposition. Establishment of the "Bay Stiftung" (Bay foundation) at the 50th company anniversary. Markus & Michael Schaaf joined the company as co-partners
Bay Logistik 2000
Expansion from forwading into logistics. Upgrade of the container-pool and advancement of the track haulage. Integration of the "responsible care" philosophy in the companies politics. Markus & Michael Schaaf join the company management
Bay Logistik 2005
60th anniversary of Bay. The container haulage is fully built as base for logistics concepts. The combined haulage is assured